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André Eriksson

Founder of Encore, where we help building better backends, faster.

Stockholm, Sweden · Twitter · GitHub · Website
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Go Time Go Time

The funny bits from 2021

Here’s a little bonus episode before we get back to your regularly scheduled Go Time. We’re calling it the funny bits. It’s a compilation of times we cracked up making the show for y’all. If you dig it, holler at Jerod. If you don’t, email Mat Ryer.

Go Time Go Time #180

Are frameworks getting an Encore?

2021-05-20T16:40:00Z #go +2 🎧 15,207

Tools and frameworks that aim to boost developer productivity are always worth a closer look, but we don’t often consider the trade-offs for whichever we settle on. In this episode, we discuss the questions one should be asking when evaluating developer productivity tools and frameworks in the Go ecosystem in particular.

Joining us to discuss is André Eriksson, the creator of Encore, a backend framework that aims to make development and deployment as productive as it can be.

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