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Carolyn Van Slyck

Carolyn is a software developer based in the wilds of suburban Chicago. Her passion is developer tools, and automating all the things with a sidecar of containers.

After discovering her “inner gopher”, carolyn is now a maintainer for the upcoming Go dependency manager. She recently founded the Chicago chapter of Women Who Go to share her love of Go, containers, and excessive emoji with her peers. 💖

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Go Time Go Time

The funny bits from 2021

Here’s a little bonus episode before we get back to your regularly scheduled Go Time. We’re calling it the funny bits. It’s a compilation of times we cracked up making the show for y’all. If you dig it, holler at Jerod. If you don’t, email Mat Ryer.


Building Go from source

This is how you accomplish step 1 to becoming a Go contributor.

Before we can become Go contributors, the very first step is being able to build Go from source. I followed the official doc and filled in the blanks a bit to figure out how to get everything working.

This post is part of a series from Carolyn Van Slyck called Adventures in Gopher Source. The goal of the series is “for more of the gopher community to become upstream Go contributors.”

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