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The index as a first class citizen

Matt Jaffe was on a recent episode of Go Time and also gave this talk at OSCON recently on indexes as a first class citizen. In this video Matt talks about a piece of software that's purely an index, not a database, not a datastore, just the index — and optimizing that single piece of software to be very fast! Here's a quick breakdown of an index as a first class citizen: Standalone application, not just a data structure Horizontally scalable, distributed FAST, indexes should make things faster Flexible, integrates with other datastores and data types Also, learn more about Pilosa to see Matt's work in action.


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"You have to be run by ideas not hierarchy..." - Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, in his last interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the All Things Digital's D8 Conference in 2010. Steve died a year later. We're organized like a start up. We're the biggest startup on the planet. There's tremendous teamwork at the top of the company, which filters down to tremendous teamwork throughout the company. Teamwork is dependent on trusting the other folks to come through with their part without watching them all the time, but trusting they're going to come through with their parts. That's what we do really well. If you wanna hire great people and have them stay working for you, you have to let them make a lot of decisions and you have to be run by ideas not hierarchy. The best ideas have to win, otherwise good people don't stay. This interview has many great highlights, but this part is some of my favorite advice Steve has ever given about how to run a company. We strive to achieve this at Changelog. Here's a link to the full video, and the same but deep linked to the part quoted in this post.


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How can you use CSS Grid today? (Internet Explorer exists)

Layout Land is a new YouTube channel from Mozilla and Jen Simmons focused on helping you learn about the new layout possibilities in web design. If you're looking to use CSS Grid but you need to support IE users, then you should check out this video and the rest of the series when you're done. New videos every Tuesday and Thursday. People always ask, “How can I dare to use this new CSS, when I need to support IE users?” It is very important to make sure every user can do what they came to your website to do, whether or not their browser supports the hot, new CSS you want to use. CSS Grid shipped in March 2017, and is already supported by the vast majority of web browsers in use. But there is a significant portion of users who do not have support for CSS Grid — not just IE, but also UC, Samsung Internet, Opera mini, QQ, and more. So can we use CSS Grid? How do we support these old browsers and use CSS Grid?

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