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MetricsGraphics.js uses D3 to visualize time-series data with ease

Speaking of D3, Mozilla open sourced a library they use on top of D3 to visualize time-series data in a "principled, consistent and responsive way." If you're serious about visualizations, you'll still want to learn D3 itself, but it's great when we can optimize and simplify common use cases. That's exactly what MetricsGraphics.js does. Here's a taste: Check out all of the examples of what's possible here:


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Analyze your CSS in a whole new way with CSS Dig

CSS Dig gives you a new way to analyze your CSS (using Google Chrome). Consolidate, refactor, and gawk at the 37 shades of blue your site somehow ended up with. CSS Dig is a Chrome Extension that looks for stylesheets and style blocks on the webpage it's run against and groups declarations together for easy inspection. For example, you can see how many colors are used and how often. This can help you consolidate your styles and help with refactors. The homepage is helpful to get started, but the code is on GitHub.

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