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Documentation is a set of information that describes a product to its users.
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Open source web app to publish documentation or books

From Kelly Burke: You can use this web app to write and sell books on your own domain. We use it for our own book, which teaches you how to build the app from scratch: Pretty cool. Writing your documentation or book in Mardown is amazing for a lot of writers. The reading experience on the web could be a bit better, but the app comes with all the third-party integrations you'd want to sell your book.


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Vue.js gets a cookbook 👩‍🍳

Unlike the guide which walks you through building a Vue app in story form, the cookbook is all about focused examples of how to accomplish specific goals with the framework. This is an excellent addition to the compendium of documentation in support of the project, and one that’s worthy of emulation once your framework has a base set of docs that are solid.


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Introducing Docusaurus

Facebook announced Docusaurus to more easily maintain open source documentation websites. We created Docusaurus for the following reasons: To put the focus on writing good documentation instead of worrying about the infrastructure of a website. To provide features that many of our open source websites need like blog support, search and versioning. To make it easy to push updates, new features, and bug fixes to everyone all at once. And, finally, to provide a consistent look and feel across our all our open source projects.

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