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Testing is the practice of systematically checking if code functions as intended.
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JS Party JS Party #253

All about Playwright

2022-11-25T18:15:00Z #javascript +2 🎧 17,799

Debbie O’Brien –Senior Program Manager at Microsoft– joins Amal & Nick for a deep-dive on Playwright, an automation library for cross-browser end-to-end testing. Along the way, we learn why Microsoft decided to fork Puppeteer, Playwright’s unique value proposition, cool features like auto-waiting & the trace viewer, how it compares to Cypress & a lot more.

Ship It! Ship It! #45

Swiss Quality Assurance

2022-03-23T19:00:00Z #ops +2 🎧 10,696

Pia Wiedermayer, Lead QA at Zühlke, is talking with Gerhard today about software quality. If the name sounds familiar, check out episode 28. Thank you Romano for the introduction 👋🏻

Do you remember the last time that you used an app, whether it was in the browser or on your mobile, and everything just worked? What about that intuitive feel, snappiness and you achieving the task that you intended to without feeling that you are fighting tech? Experiences like those take a lot of effort across multiple disciplines. They are designed, built and maintained over long periods of time. It all starts with people like Pia that really care about quality. It’s so much more than just automated testing…

Ship It! Ship It! #16

Optimize for smoothness not speed

2021-08-25T11:00:00Z #ops +3 🎧 6,354

This week Gerhard is joined by Justin Searls, Test Double co-founder and CTO. Also a 🐞 magnet. They talk about how to deal with the pressure of shipping faster, why you should optimize for smoothness not speed, and why focusing on consistency is key. Understanding the real why behind what you do is also important. There’s a lot more to it, as its a nuanced and complex discussion, and well worth your time.

Expect a decade of learnings compressed into one hour, as well as disagreements on some ops and infrastructure topics — all good fun. In the show notes, you will find Gerhard’s favorite conference talks Justin gave a few years back.

Go Time Go Time #185

Giving TDD a Go

2021-06-24T16:15:00Z #go +1 🎧 20,416

We discuss how Test Driven Development (TDD) can help you write better code, and build better software. Packed with tips and tricks, gotchas and best practices, the panel explore the subject and share their real-world experiences.

JS Party JS Party #156

A hot cup of Mocha ☕

2020-12-18T20:45:00Z #javascript +2 🎧 10,257

Amal and Divya turn our spotlight inward and interview our very own Christopher “Boneskull” Hiller about maintaining Mocha.js. Mocha has been a mainstay in the JavaScript testing community for ten (!) years now! They discuss the secret to Mocha’s success, what it’s like to maintain it, and how to make maintainers (and users) happy!

JS Party JS Party #148

Thank you, Dr. Bahmutov!

2020-10-16T15:15:00Z #javascript +1 🎧 9,977

Gleb Bahmutov, PhD joins the show for a fun conversation around end-to-end testing. We get the skinny on Cypress, find out how it’s structured as both an open source library and a SaaS business, tease apart the various types of tests you may (or may not) want to have, and share a lot of laughs along the way.

Go Time Go Time #139

The future of Testify

2020-07-23T15:45:00Z #go +1 🎧 15,056

The panel discuss testing frameworks in Go. After a brief overview of the concepts involved, we discuss how testing frameworks can make our lives easier, and why some people still choose to avoid them. Mat Ryer and Mark Bates chat with Boyan Soubachov about the future of the Testify project.

Practical AI Practical AI #74

Testing ML systems

2020-01-27T21:00:00Z #testing +2 🎧 9,756

Production ML systems include more than just the model. In these complicated systems, how do you ensure quality over time, especially when you are constantly updating your infrastructure, data and models? Tania Allard joins us to discuss the ins and outs of testing ML systems. Among other things, she presents a simple formula that helps you score your progress towards a robust system and identify problem areas.

Go Time Go Time #91

if err != nil

2019-07-11T10:55:00Z #go +1 🎧 16,973

Mat and Carmen along with guest panelists Dave Cheney, Peter Bourgon, and Marcel van Lohuizen discuss errors in Go, including the new try proposal. Many questions get answered…What do we think about how errors work in Go? How is it different from other languages/approaches? What do/don’t we like? What don’t we like? How do we handle errors these days? What’s going on with the try proposal?

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