Hire the Top 3% of Developers

Top 3% Funnel

At Toptal everyone is a senior engineer and among the top 3% of freelancers in the world. They have developed a rigorous screening process consisting of 5 parts to identify the best.

Sponsor: Build Better Software

Build Better Software

App Quality Bundle is a time limited, deeply discounted bundle of web services for building better mobile and desktop apps.

Save 89% on a year of Sentry, Runscope, Code Climate, Circle CI and Ghost Inspector.

Changelog Nightly Design Updates

Changelog Nightly

When we shipped Changelog Nightly, we got lots of great feedback for it, but not everyone loved the design. Sure the design looks good, but it wasn't scannable enough. It was too newspaper-like.

A Huge List of Koans

Are you trying to master a new language or level up with one you already know? Koans are a great way to hone your skills through small exercises.

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