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Carolyn is a software developer based in the wilds of suburban Chicago. Her passion is developer tools, and automating all the things with a sidecar of containers.

After discovering her “inner gopher”, carolyn is now a maintainer for the upcoming Go dependency manager. She recently founded the Chicago chapter of Women Who Go to share her love of Go, containers, and excessive emoji with her peers. 💖

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Carolyn Van Slyck

Building Go from source

This is how you accomplish step 1 to becoming a Go contributor.

Before we can become Go contributors, the very first step is being able to build Go from source. I followed the official doc and filled in the blanks a bit to figure out how to get everything working.

This post is part of a series from Carolyn Van Slyck called Adventures in Gopher Source. The goal of the series is “for more of the gopher community to become upstream Go contributors.”

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