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Go is a programming language built to resemble a simplified version of the C programming language.
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JSON github.com

JSONC is a superset of JSON which supports comments

JSON formatted files are readable to humans but the lack of comments decreases readability. With JSONC, you can use block (/* */) and single line (//) comments to describe the functionality. Microsoft VS Code also uses this format in their configuration files like settings.json, keybindings.json, launch.json, etc. This is a Go-only implementation, but the concept is portable to any language (hint, hint).

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Go blog.arduino.cc

TinyGo on Arduino

Arduino announced they now work with TinyGo. To celebrate, they did a Q&A with Ron Evans on the Arduino blog. Why choose TinyGo over other languages? If software is eating the world, then Go is eating the world of software. The popularity of Go is still rapidly expanding, and TinyGo helps bring the new “enterprise standard” language down to the smallest of processors. Also as a compiled language, TinyGo can offer substantially better performance and size efficiency than that of interpreted languages like JavaScript and Python. If you haven’t yet, listen to our recent conversation with Ron Evans at OSCON 2019 to hear more about how “Go is eating the world of software.”

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Git github.com

A tool to monitor Git repos and automatically pull & push changes

gitomatic <path> 2019/08/03 00:16:48 Checking repository: /tmp/gitomatic-test/ 2019/08/03 00:16:48 Pulling changes... 2019/08/03 00:16:49 New file detected: hello_world.txt 2019/08/03 00:16:49 Adding file to work-tree: hello_world.txt 2019/08/03 00:16:49 Creating commit: Add hello_world.txt. 2019/08/03 00:16:49 Pushing changes... 2019/08/03 00:16:53 Sleeping until next check in 10s... 2019/08/03 00:17:03 Checking repository: /tmp/gitomatic-test/ 2019/08/03 00:17:03 Pulling changes... 2019/08/03 00:17:07 Deleted file detected: hello_world.txt 2019/08/03 00:17:07 Removing file from work-tree: hello_world.txt 2019/08/03 00:17:07 Creating commit: Remove hello_world.txt. 2019/08/03 00:17:07 Pushing changes...

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Go github.com

Use SQL to query & transform data from multiple databases & file formats

OctoSQL is a SQL query engine which allows you to write standard SQL queries on data stored in multiple SQL databases, NoSQL databases and files in various formats trying to push down as much of the work as possible to the source databases, not transferring unnecessary data. OctoSQL does that by creating an internal representation of your query and later translating parts of it into the query languages or APIs of the source databases. Whenever a datasource doesn’t support a given operation, OctoSQL will execute it in memory, so you don’t have to worry about the specifics of the underlying datasources. If you like writing SQL, you’ll probably like OctoSQL.

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Python nicolas-hahn.com

One program written in Python, Go, and Rust

This is a subjective, primarily developer-ergonomics-based comparison of the three languages from the perspective of a Python developer, but you can skip the prose and go to the code samples, the performance comparison if you want some hard numbers, the takeaway for the tl;dr, or the Python, Go, and Rust diffimg implementations. Not only is this a good way to compare programming languages, but it’s a good way to learn a new language if you’re already familiar with one of the others.

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Docker github.com

The lazier way to manage everything docker

Memorising docker commands is hard. Memorising aliases is slightly less hard. Keeping track of your containers across multiple terminal windows is near impossible. What if you had all the information you needed in one terminal window with every common command living one keypress away (and the ability to add custom commands as well). Lazydocker’s goal is to make that dream a reality.

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